I’m Not Dead, I’m Different

Kids in Spirit Teach Us About Living a Better Life on Earth

“Hollister Rand’s ability to deliver messages is compassionate, yet educational.  Whether in person, on radio, TV, or in this book…she delivers.” – John Edward

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For the last fifteen years, Hollister Rand’s work as a medium has put her in touch with innumerable loved ones, including fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, and beloved pets.  However, over time, she noticed more and more children in spirit were coming to her.  She discovered that these young, opinionated spirits still had lots to say to those they left behind.

Rand was puzzled at first as to why these persistent young spirits wanted to speak through her—she had no children of her own, and the responsibility of talking with people who had lost theirs seemed too great to bear.  But the compelling answers came to her with time and patience: No one finds death more inexplicable than a parent who has lost a child, thus no group of spirits are more motivated to make sense of it all for those they’ve left behind than the young ones.  These spirits clearly wanted to heal broken hearts and change our views of life and death, and Rand has the unique ability to help educate others about their important messages.

Through her, young spirits talk freely about how to make sense of murder, suicide, and accidental deaths (even those that occurred at the hands of loved ones).  They also discuss the different ways relationships on both sides can be mended, and how the inter-generational cycle of abuse and addiction can be stopped once and for all.   They introduce us to the concept of ‘joy guides’—miscarried and aborted children who actually help those they’ve left behind move forward.  The comments they share in this uniquely comforting and enlightening book will surprise, inform, and inspire. Not only do they answer our many questions about death, they also succeed in revealing incredibly valuable tips for living a better life while on earth too.  You’ll be surprised at how much these kids’ wisdom surpasses their years on earth and how relevant what they have to say is to ALL of our lives.

I’m Not Dead, I’m Different has entered into its second printing!