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February 2018


How do Spirits Love?


The love that the spirits share and the frequency of love from which I work are not an emotional expression but rather a universal binding force. When we talk about love on the earth plane, it is often in regards to a type of relationship – romantic, filial, or familial. In other words, the way we love our friends is different from the way we love our lovers.


In the afterlife, however, these distinctions no longer apply. The love that the spirits express is unconditional and limitless and therefore, essentially unlike the love that we share here on earth. The statement that there isn’t romantic love in the afterlife is often met with great disappointment. When I try to explain that love in the afterlife is a bigger and better love, it can be hard to imagine what could be better than feeling in love. The difference is that instead of being in love with one person, we’re in love with all that is and loved by all in return.


It might be easier to understand earth love vs. spirit love if we think about it this way. On the earth plane, love is a lifeline that connects us one to another, ensuring survival. For instance, if we didn’t love babies, what would happen to the next generation? Love also serves as an antidote to loneliness and separation. These conditions of survival are specifically related to the fact that we live in bodies which need to be sustained, especially when we can’t take care of ourselves.


However, in the afterlife, the physical world no longer dictates the needs that love must fulfill. Love (with a capital “L”) is expansive and all encompassing and less individually directed and conditional. All types of love we share on the earth are a fractured version of the magnificent holistic love which binds the universe together.


During sessions, the love that the spirits share with me is the expanded version, even when a husband in spirit is giving a message of love to his wife. Within the space of this expanded love and beyond the limits of romantic love, there is room to bring healing to the pain caused by an affair or divorce or death.


In the afterlife, the imbalances of love which we see here on the earth are brought into perfect balance.


We all know at least one person who seems to love himself more than anyone else! This is an example of out of balance love as is loving others at the expense of ourselves. Death is the great equalizer when it comes to love and, in the afterlife, those who couldn’t give love finally can, and those who couldn’t receive it, finally do.


One young man in spirit who had died by suicide, expressed this beautifully when he told his mother, “When I died, your love was a gift I took with me and was finally able to open.”


Spirit love isn’t diminished by what we think might be our failures. The questions we ask with worried expressions – – Did Dad like his funeral? Is Mom okay with my giving her ring to my niece? Was it okay to sell the house? Does my daughter know that I was holding her hand as she died? – – are met with spirit love, not criticism or judgment.


On this Valentine’s Day and always, remember that you are Loved (with a capital “L”).