What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

This is an excellent question. Although they’re often assumed to be the same, psychics and mediums receive input from different sources. Psychics interpret information from the energy around people, places, and things here on the earth plane. Mediums, on the other hand, relay information, evidential details, and specific messages received from a distinct, recognizable person in spirit.

What makes Hollister’s work as a medium different from that of others?

The accuracy of Hollister’s work is well documented, and she is consulted as an expert in her field. Hollister delivers specific messages in a forthright, sensitive, and down-to-earth way. She is not only compassionate, but brings a sense of humor to her work.

Can spirits predict the future?

Many people ask this question. Spirits aren’t fortune tellers, nor can they interfere with a person’s free will. During sessions, loved ones in spirit may address situations that sitters are concerned about including health, finances, marriage, and children. However, they won’t necessarily tell you who you’re going to marry, if you’re going to win the lottery or when you’re going to die. They do, however, demonstrate through specific messages that they are aware of what’s going on in your life. They can support and guide you with love from the other side.

How long should I wait after a loved one passes before trying to make contact?

Hollister suggests that people wait three to six months after someone has passed before setting up a session with a medium. This is not because the person in spirit isn’t ready to talk, but because those in grief are often in a highly emotional and vulnerable state during that time period.

If my loved ones spoke a different language while on earth, will Hollister understand what they’re saying in spirit?

Absolutely. There are no language barriers between earth and heaven. Hollister has spoken with people (and spirits) from around the world. The only time she needs a translator is when communicating with non-English speaking people on earth.

If I want to speak with one particular person who has passed, can a medium make that happen?

Mediums provide the opportunity for communication, but they can’t make spirits do anything. Please be assured, though, that your loved ones want to reach out to you as much as you want to talk with them. With this in mind, Hollister provides her clients with suggestions for preparing for sessions which can help establish a successful connection.

If I schedule an appointment on a significant date, will the connection be better?

During a session, those in spirit may provide specific dates (such as birthdays and anniversaries) as a way for you to know that they valued those days they shared with you. However, having an appointment on special day doesn’t make for clearer contact. It is the relationship with your loved one that creates the connection.

What does a private session entail?

Private sessions last for about 50 minutes and can be taken in person or by phone. Hollister also provides half hour sessions by phone only. Private sessions are conducted for singles or couples related by blood, marriage, or domestic partnership. During a sitting, there is the opportunity to ask questions, but only after those in spirit have identified themselves clearly. Hollister’s schedule is often booked months in advance, so please plan accordingly. Please contact us for more information or to set up an appointment time.

What is the difference between an in person session and one by phone?

As far as Hollister and the spirits are concerned, there is no difference in the connection or the information that comes through. The spirits aren’t limited by time, space or distance. However, sometimes people prefer the personal connection they feel when sitting in the same room with Hollister.

Can I record my session?

Yes, audio only. Be sure that you know how to operate your recording device so that your session time isn’t disrupted by technical difficulties.

If I have friends and family members who would like to share the experience with me, is there a way to do that?

Of course. Hollister does a number of group events from small to large. Her spirit circles have no more than 10 participants, and there may be hundreds of people at a demonstration of mediumship. Her smaller events, called Spirit Circles, may be arranged for private groups of families and friends. For more information, please contact us. Public group events including Small Spirit Circles, Spirit Touch Circles, demonstrations, and workshops will be listed on the website’s events calendar. However, if you would like advanced notice of events in your area, please sign up for Hollister’s newsletter, Messages – Love, Hope and Healing in Spirit.

Can anyone communicate with spirits?

Hollister is an enthusiastic supporter of the idea that we can all be connected to those in spirit. With the increasing interest in and acceptance of spirit communication, Hollister’s clients are experiencing more personal experiences with those they love. Hollister teaches workshops throughout the U.S. and the world to help people develop their own natural psychic talent and ability to communicate with those living on the other side of life. Hollister’s CD, Many Doors – An Introduction to Mediumship, includes guided meditations to help listeners become more sensitive to spirit. If you would like to attend a development workshop, check the Events Calendar to see when Hollister will be teaching in your area. If you or your organization would like to sponsor a workshop, please contact us.