I’m Not Dead, I’m Different: Kids in Spirit Teach Us About Living a Better Life on Earth

By Hollister Rand

At first, world-renowned medium Hollister Rand was puzzled as to why persistent young spirits wanted to speak through her.  But with time and patience the answer came.  No death is more difficult to comprehend than a child’s.  Young spirits, therefore, are more motivated to make sense of it all for those devastated by their passing.  They clearly want to heal broken hearts and change our views of life and death–and they’ve chosen Hollister to deliver their important messages.

I’m Not Dead, I’m Different is a revelation–offering enlightenment, guidance, and answers to the questions about living, dying, and life after death that many people have been afraid to ask.  Through the strong, compassionate voices of those who have departed our world comes a new understanding of forgiveness, and with it insights into the issues surrounding abortion, murder, suicide, and accidental death.  Speaking with a wisdom that surpasses their years on earth, young spirits provide comfort and inspiration to anyone willing to listen.  What they have to say about living after death can be life-changing for all of us.

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